Reasons Why I Want To Relocate To Las Vegas Nevada

When I think about all the cities around the world in which I could live, I have to say that Las Vegas is the city I am most attracted to. Of course, since I’m a seasoned gambler that should come as no surprise to the people who know me, but outsiders might be wondering why I find the city so appealing. Well, to begin with, the city has the biggest selection of land-based casinos anywhere on the planet. Whether you are into video slot machines, blackjack, poker tables or roulette wheels, Vegas has something to entertain you.

The job opportunities in the gambling industry can be very lucrative. Whilst dealers and croupiers are typically paid the state minimum wage by casinos, the tips employees can earn each week often exceed their paychecks. What’s more, the security protocols in casinos are state-of-the-art, so employees rarely have to worry about their personal safety. Customers that pose any sort of threat to staff members are swiftly removed from the premises by security personnel.

The city of lights is also famous for shotgun weddings. Despite my traditional Christian upbringing, I sort of love the drive-thru wedding ceremonies Las Vegas businesses offer. The excitement of being able to get married almost instantly, without having to spend thousands of dollars on a traditional ceremony is very appealing. What’s more, the shotgun wedding industry in Las Vegas provides lots of unique job opportunities.

My main reason for wanting to purchase a property in Las Vegas, however, is that I love slot machines and seek to take advantages of all the generous customer loyalty bonuses offered by casinos in the city. I always set personal limits before I start gambling and never funnel more money into slot machines than I can afford to lose. That said, land-based casinos are where I feel most entertained, so living in a city with an abundance of them feels like second nature to me.

Of course, I need to make sure that I take the time to fully research and evaluate the real estate market in the state of Nevada before I purchase a new property. I also need to investigate local crime rates and public school funding before I decide for certain to invest in the area. That said, rental rates are currently very high, so the sooner I can get on the property ladder the better.