How Can You Save Money On Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels?

Do you know how to find cheap Las Vegas, Nevada hotel rooms?

Your trip to Vegas might be a vacation, but it could also be for a professional conference or gathering. In either case, it can prove hard to get a quality room in Sin City while on a budget.

If you’ve done a lot of travel before, then you know how much cheap hotels can be in terms of rolling the dice. You might remember a room that was physically falling apart. In other cases, you might remember being on an upper floor and hearing a police raid below you. In other cases, the service might have been impeccable and the place was quiet as can be.

Even if gambling is big in Vegas, your hotel room shouldn’t be like that. The absolute best way to find a cheap hotel room that’s a good night sleep is going a place you’ve been previously. However, if that’s not the case, you should go somewhere that someone else has been.

Talk to friends, family, and coworkers to find out who has been to Vegas. Ask them where they stayed. At best, you’ll get a great recommendation. At worst, you’ll get told it was overpriced, they hated it, or an entertaining story about their bad time there.

However, what if you don’t know anyone who has been to Vegas? Or what if they stayed in places you don’t plan on paying for?

That’s where the Internet comes into play. Hotel reviews are quite handy things. A lot of websites out there put together reviews from those that have stayed in hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, one person’s nightmare could be bliss to another, and any night can see fluke things happen. You’ll see bad ratings for most any place, but how many bad reviews are there out of a larger total? Two very negative reviews can definitely make any place look sketchy, but are they counterweighted by fifty great reviews?

Context also matters. Bad reviewers might have been in town on business but went to a touristy place on the Strip. For that matter, could disgruntled employees at the front desk be bored and trashing their own place online in spite? You have to look at the review trends and patterns, not just individual reviews.

A travel agent might be a good person to talk to if you want to be happy with your lodging. You can leave the gambling to the casinos.

Also, never be afraid to outright call a hotel and ask questions on the phone. You can ‘hear’ a lot from their responses and body language.